Spring has arrived much earlier in Paris this year. Thus 20 degrees in March doesn't seem to be anyhow usual, and the air condition has been terrible, the sun still shines so I took a walk in my favourite walking spot in Paris center - Palais Royal in the afternoon before going to Drie's Van Noten's exhibition at Les Art Décoratifs. And a little cuttie caught my attention to the newly opened Kitsuné Café in the garden of Palais Royal. This PUPPY!
I've heard about Kitsuné Café's opening in Paris from another Paris based VOGUE Japan blogger Taco's article and have been wanting to visit but for some reason I always forget to note the address down, and this is how I ended up reaching it by coincident. The Café Kitsuné paper cups reminds me of Kiko Mizuhara's work in Kitsuné's 13/14AW Lookbook, where she holds the cup in front of a washing machine.(Oui, I'm a big fan of hers, and I checked her fan tumblr almost everyday like a kinky stalker. Even waited for almost 2 hours just to get a snap shoot of Kiko outside Chanel's Haute-Couture show) The Kitsuné (Fox in Japanese) knit tops are totally my type of must-have pieces!

And not to forget the Lady Fox knit dresses fromJC de Castelbajac's show.

From cookies, mugs, to the coffee machine, everything's marked with Café Kitsuné's logo. P3125062.jpg_effected
Café Kitsuné Paris
51 Galerie de Montpensier 75001 Paris
Monday through Sunday 08:30 – 18:30
Bon, off to work on my Dior Beauty post now.
Bonne Weekend:)
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