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#Dior Addict Event

Earlier I did a pretty long post on the Dior Addict Event on my VOGUE Japan blog (in Japanese), here I'll try to make it shorter and easier to read.

Dior Addict Event was an event held at an art gallery in Paris by Dior Parfum, exclusively for selected bloggers to experience their brand new beauty products: Fluid Stick (not a lipstick yet a gloss) and the whole new series of their nail polishers, Dior Vernis. Thanks to VOGUE Japan, I was luckily the one invited from Japan side!

The event includes 3 parts: product introduction, make-up test by professional makeup artist & manicurist, photo shooting and filming with Dior's collaboration art works by GL-OW artists. The venue space was limited so only very few people were invited, which ensure that we could fully experience the new products and had all our questions answered.

After choosing the colour on the face chart, I had my full makeup done by professional makeup artist with the Dior Backstage Pro series, then had my lips specially done by makeup artist Violette, manicure painted by Anatole.


Spring has arrived much earlier in Paris this year. Thus 20 degrees in March doesn't seem to be anyhow usual, and the air condition has been terrible, the sun still shines so I took a walk in my favourite walking spot in Paris center - Palais Royal in the afternoon before going to Drie's Van Noten's exhibition at Les Art Décoratifs. And a little cuttie caught my attention to the newly opened Kitsuné Café in the garden of Palais Royal. This PUPPY!
I've heard about Kitsuné Café's opening in Paris from another Paris based VOGUE Japan blogger Taco's article and have been wanting to visit but for some reason I always forget to note the address down, and this is how I ended up reaching it by coincident. The Café Kitsuné paper cups reminds me of Kiko Mizuhara's work in Kitsuné's 13/14AW Lookbook, where she holds the cup in front of a washing machine.(Oui, I'm a big fan of hers, and I checked her fan tumblr almost everyday like a kinky stalker. Even waited for almost 2 hours just to get a snap shoot of Kiko outside Chanel's Haute-Couture show) The Kitsuné (Fox in Japanese) knit tops are totally my type of must-have pieces!

Showroom:Louis Vuitton AW14 by Nicolas Ghesquière

有在follow巴黎時裝週的人相信都已經看到前Balenciaga總監Nicolas Ghesquière的Louis Vuitton 14年秋冬秀了。秀後隔天,我溜進了正在進行LV公關會議的巴黎showroom。今天整理好了showroom的照片和筆記,來說說我看到的服裝與配件細節。

作為一個有財力的大品牌新上任設計師的第一場秀來說,這是一場很實際,很不浮誇的秀。就像是曾有媒體評論過的,前Louis Vuitton藝術總監Marc Jacobs所看到的”法式”,是外國人想像中既有概念的法國女人風味,而作為一個真正的歐洲人的Nicolas Ghesquière,創造的則是現實中現在這個時代,在巴黎這樣的都市裡,實際上生活于其中的女人所追求的穿衣調性。實穿,低調,男孩女孩風混搭,在繁忙城市中穿梭行走,生活工作的女性。

貫穿整場秀的是60年代mini skirt與A字裙的silhouette。利用現代科技的3D print及laser cut將皮革、jersey和tweed等軟硬材質混合拼搭,創造出60年代俏皮女孩與工作女性woman in power的融合look。