Spring in Tokyo?

⇧ little rabbit!
I wonder was it ever here this year?
It seems that the Spring has been skiped and the rainy season has set in right after the long grey winter. I took these photos on a precious warm day in April at Midtown Garden. ( Or was it it the spring this year? ended in a week time? )

!!You must be jokking me!!


This is one girl that I could hardly take my camera off her.
The photos were taken when I bumped into her coincidentally on someday morning, and it was coincidentally a beautiful sunny day.
(which was a treasure in the city of Tokyo this year.)
I am now working at the same place she does, and part of the reasons is my pencil skirt which she picked up for me.


Vintage shirtH&M: Roberto Cavalli

Ed Westwick doesn't care how much a girl spends on her clothes;
“I don’t think it matters how much a girl spends on her clothes,” he said.
“It’s about the way she carries herself.”

I've heard my male friend complaining that he can barely find any nice menswear which is cheap.
For how much do man have to spend on fashion then?


I've always wanted to start something.
So here I am, finally starting something.

Photo taken in Seven Sisiters, Brighton.