So many beautiful things, so little time.

I have been way too occupied these days. Love, people, life, so many beautiful things, so little time.

A day without camera

So I could only play with my iphone camera...

And I found that forgetting to bring my camera along on a day I'd meet a beautiful Alexander Mcqueen clutch is a bigger mistake than leaving my mobile phone home.

Birkin on Bike

What I love about her is that she rode all the way from Azabu to Omotesando on her bicycle in that look. A combination of Hermès, Van Cleef and Arpels, and a dress which you wouldn't want to mention where you bought it (and I decided to keep it a secret).

Tattoo on topshop girl

So cute(We were born in the same year!).

2010 AW wishlist

Although the summer heat hasn't even offically arrived Tokyo, I'm already checking the autumn/winter wishlist for my wardrobe on a slightly cold rainy Monday viewing our AW collection which will arrive around the end of June. To compelte my dream coordiantion from The Row video made by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Click on it if you have no idea what I am talking about), I need a black vintage mink coat like the girl who I've been stalking...
Well, a faux fur coat will do, the real fur always looks better on the creature itself than on me.

fashion freedom

Office Lady

People here in Japan abbreviate Office Lady "OL". I remember when asking my mom, what does OL stand for? My sister who stood next to her answered firmly "It is the shorten of 'Old Lady'." Here I'm showing you the girls (and guy) working in our office. I caught them in the office right after they had a meeting. I'm pround to show that they are first of all not old at any point of view, and what most important, they don't wear suit, which isn't usual in Japan except in fashion industry.

SATC2 girls' night out

It's the first day of Sex and The City 2 movie in Tokyo. I have heard some bad reviews about it and I didn't watch the first one. Even for the drama series, I only watched season one. Eventually, I love the movie. A very girl-girl-girl movie, and I loved it.

The Row

by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Cat Lady

I received this photo of the cat of a friend's from my sister the other day.
"She looks familiar to me." I thought.
Then I found this photo I took of my adorable colleague wearing the Prince Peter t-shirt with cigarette burn holes.
Don't them look alike?