My Daily Morning Beauty Essentials

So I’ve been working on this post since months ago, however it really did take me much longer than expected…since I change my beauty products quite frequently, I had to re-write some parts and re-take photos until hmm... I gave up on it. The fact is, probably I will be adding some new items to the list next week already.
Anyway, here are my "NOW" everyday morning beauty essentials:

1. Morning skin care & cleansing:

- Eve Lom Muslin Cloth
I use only water together with Eve Lom's facial cloth to clean my face in the morning, no facial cleanser, most type of face wash takes away not only the oil but also the water from your skin and makes it harder to put on foundation afterward, so only clean water in the morning! Eve Lom’s facial cloth helps me to clean up the night cream leftover from the night before, and makes my face fresh enough even with just water!

- Estée Lauder Night Repair / Lancôme Génifique
I then put just the serum in the morning for moisturising. Night Repair on a dry day, and Génifique when the skin is more greasy = Night Repair in winter and Génifique on summer days. I also use them at night when I feel my skin is less stable or being sensitive.

- Darphin Vital Protection SPF50
I was recommended this product by a friend and I am now using my 3rd bottle. Best morning sun block ever! It gives sun protection at SPF 50 which means I normally don’t have to re-apply it during the day and the texture locks the water on my face and gives a natural shine on the skin.
2. Base makeup:

- Lancôme serum fondation
I had my very first Lancôme foundation after being recommended by my Japanese model friend (who is often on the cover of Japanese beauty magazines) and have stayed committed ever since. I started with a Lancôme liquid foundation with the Asia exclusive colour. I apply only a very small amount of it with foundation brush ( I use both brushes from Armani beauty and No.7 from Boots), and a bottle of Lancôme foundation lasted…forever for me. I use it almost everyday and still haven't finish my first bottle after 3 years. I guess it is not recommended to use an opened cosmetic product for such a long time so after three and a half years I had it upgraded to Lancôme serum foundation. It gives a stronger coverage and moisturise even better than the liquid foundation.

- Nars Multiple
I am not sure if Nars still makes them in the color shade I have but it is the perfect natural mat bronzer I have  found so far. it creates natural shadow to highlight the eyebrow bones, nose shadow, cheekbone…etc. Oh and it also works as a great lip concealer.

- Kate eyebrow pencil
This is one product which I have not yet found a replacement in Europe yet. I ask people to bring it to me every time I catch someone traveling from Asia to Europe. The natural black color is the best eyebrow pencil I could find since I stopped dying my hair 5 years ago.

3. Eyes:

- Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara
I had been faithful to Shiseido's Majolica Majorca's comb type mascaras + white base for years when I still lived in Japan. However my stockage finally came to an end 3 yeas after moving to Paris…and when I caught up with my beautiful Japanese friend Risa (who now works for L'Oréal Japan), one of the prettiest girl back in college time, she shared with me the secret of her curly butterfly eyelashes: Lancôme Doll Eyes mascaras. I put it not only on my eyelashes but also on my eyebrows, too. No mascara base needed anymore!

- Kate Liquid Eyeliner Pen
I draw my eyeliner simply along the end of my eyes, and the liquid eyeliner is so far the longest-lasting with a very easy to apply tiny tip to get the precise angle to the end. The only problem is that it’s water/oil proof  functions so well that I have to be very patient when removing them at night.

- Eyeshadows, Nars Duo and Urban Decay Naked Palette
I have many options when it comes to eyeshadows. If I have to pick a small pack to travel with, it’d be Nars Duo eyeshadow. When at home and when I don’t know what eyeshadow color to wear in the morning, I'd open my Naked eye palette. Whichever one I put on, the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer is a MUST for the eye makeup to last for the whole day. And a dash of Dior Eye Prime helps to get the eyeshadow color stand out more!

4. Lips:

- Dior Lip Glow
This is not only the morning essential but also the must item in my makeup pouch which I carry with me wherever I go. It gives a natural red color to the lips and moisturises the lips just like a great lip balm does!

- Dior Addict Fluid stick
I then damp a very little amount of the Dior fluid stick and take the extra amount off by tissue to get the final natural look. I first thought the colour’d be too red for daily use and now I carry it with me all the time when I go out. A Tiny amount to get the natural daily look, a fully painted lips for emergency night soirée.

5. Let my hair down and I am finally ready to go!

- Effortless look is never as effortless as it looks like.

All photos by Kumiko Nakagawa (except the first one taken by myself)

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  1. 好喜歡你的風格
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