#Dior Addict Event

Earlier I did a pretty long post on the Dior Addict Event on my VOGUE Japan blog (in Japanese), here I'll try to make it shorter and easier to read.

Dior Addict Event was an event held at an art gallery in Paris by Dior Parfum, exclusively for selected bloggers to experience their brand new beauty products: Fluid Stick (not a lipstick yet a gloss) and the whole new series of their nail polishers, Dior Vernis. Thanks to VOGUE Japan, I was luckily the one invited from Japan side!

The event includes 3 parts: product introduction, make-up test by professional makeup artist & manicurist, photo shooting and filming with Dior's collaboration art works by GL-OW artists. The venue space was limited so only very few people were invited, which ensure that we could fully experience the new products and had all our questions answered.

After choosing the colour on the face chart, I had my full makeup done by professional makeup artist with the Dior Backstage Pro series, then had my lips specially done by makeup artist Violette, manicure painted by Anatole.

Finally came the photographers and the filming part, which were the most fun part, the GL-OW artists have done a really great work on digital arts with projectors, mirrors, video images. And the best part is that the audiences get to be involved in the art work and play with it.

Here's the final video from the Dior Addict Event x GL-OW artists collaboration!

See more photos from the event→"Dior Addict Event"

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