Maison Michel Pop-Up Store + Photo Contest!

For those who follow me on Instagram might have noticed already, about my recent participation in Maison Michel Photo Contest
Started last November, open until the end of June 2014, the Maison Michel Pop-Up Store located next to the Chanel flagship store on Rue Cambon, 19 Rue Cambon Paris
Maison Michel, the hat brand by Chanel’s head of jewellery Laetitia Crahay, has been mentioned several times in my blog. The earliest could go back to the time when I first started blogging for Vogue Japan in Tokyo. I met my very first Maison Michel hat in Restir, Tokyo where I worked part-time during my 4th year of college life in Japan. “It is made in the same place and by the same designer from Chanel.”was how I was told by my colleague, that one single sentence explains enough of its value.

Similar to the story of Chanel’s early career, Coco Chanel started her fashion business by selling hats to her friends. Maison Michel’s creative director Laetitia has made the Pop-Up Store as a friend-welcoming cozy salon, and the muses of her design are mostly her close friends and family.

#Maison Michel look book postcard shoot by Karl Lagerfeld, including friends of Laetitia who have be truly supportive to her works, Lou Doillon, Sasha Pivovarova are one of them. Laetitia wears the bunny mask in the last photo. Guests are welcome to keep the postcards for free.

Putting men’s hats onto women, free the females from the over-decorated hats of her time, is what Coco Chanel did. Laetitia then sprinkles her unique sense of humour and added some playful touch on men’s hats: cats ears, destroyed touch, lace veil, feather and gold…is what Maison Michel like.

For the first time MM’s fans could find the most complete collection in the pop-up store, 4 sizes of the hats are offered here, too - whiles the other shop-in-shop only serve one size. Maison Michel’s pretty hat boxes are also being sold separately in the boutique, which I’d love to use it as a beautiful storage at home.

#Maison Michel hat box: exist in 3 sizes, the smallest can store up to 4-5 hats.

#Pollock and destroyed hats from the spring summer new collection.

#Transparent rain hat decorated with perl chain

Deyrolle's(Well-known taxidermy store in Paris, a “Cabinet of Curiosities” which I’ve introduced earlier on my blog)’s rabbits, birds, and a white peacock facing the mirror above the fireplace fill the pop-up store.

Maison Michel Photo Contest

Take a photo with your homemade sign of “J’aime Maison Michel”in or in front of the Maison Michel Pop-up store and post it on instagram with hashtags: #maisonmichel #maisonmichelpopupstore#maisonmicheljetaime #19ruecambon @maisonmichel. The Maison Michel team will vote for the best pictures and the winners will get a Maison Michel hat or head accessory before the end of the pop-up store! (Don’t you ever try to beat me on this, the prize is MINE.)


Maison Michel Pop-up Store

19 Rue Cambon Paris 75001

*From November 2013 to June 31st 2014

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