Hold the stars in your hand - Anya Hindmarch 14SS "Out of this World"

Space, stars, meteorite, planet, and bags 

Chanel gave her bag a love story of an independent woman, Furla collaborated its candy bag collection with modern visual artist, and as for Anya, she turned the stars in the sky into bags.
The entire show venue was decorated as outer space, enormous number of bags floated above the runway, models in spacesuits carried the space-coloured bag. There were also the self-rotating meteorite pouch, outer-space planet printed clutch. And for the finale, the space walkers caught the bags and flew back to the backstage.

Sky observation has became one of my leisure time hobbies after moving into my new apartment last summer. There are a very beautiful moon view from the windows in the living room and I can see the starry night through the window facing the courtyard when the sky is clear.

And doesn't it sound great to hold a star in hand? Oui it does to me!

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